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How to Jump Higher in Basketball Game

Jumping ability is always a dream until proper practice and guidance is in place. Though playing basketball is an ambition for you, if your jumping skills are not up to the standards your ambition might go in vain. But do not worry simple practices and regular exercises based on training programs will make your dream colorful. Let us see about the simple facts which can improve your jumping ability.

· Reduce your weight to fly higher. Less weight into the air means you can jump higher. Do Simple and effective power push ups with some expensive weights to reduce your weight.

· Improve your base strength. Some exercises that can help you to improve your base strength are Squats, Calf raises, Hip flexor exercises, Toe and upper body exercises.

· Improve your flexibility by swinging your leg, jumping over a hurdle, performing regular jumping and bending exercises.

· Improve the Strength and explosiveness by using desired plyometrics.

· Generating power without damaging the knees. This can be achieved by flexing your hips at 30 degrees, knees bent at 60 degrees, ankles flexed 25 degrees.

· Try to swing your hands up in the air for getting additional momentum.

· Whenever you make a high jump, bend your knees a bit to absorb the shock. Do not keep your knees stiff when you land as it might cause damage to your knee muscle.

Jumping is always a critical skill for basket ball players and an essential one too. If you perform the above mentioned points regularly in a scheduled manner, your jumping capability and your dream to become a professional basketball player will be attained soon. All the experts who are well trained in this game speak about their jumping ability first and then only they go for the rest of the skills. So the primary criteria to become a basketball player are your basic jumping capability and the training which you take to improve that capability.

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