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Handy Guide to Mastering a Few Football Training Exercises Just Like the Pros

Summer is fast-approaching and football camps have started to open all across the country. And this year, you can certainly train like professionals by making use of their exercises, building skills, with the help of training camps.

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is almost here and football training has gone to another level already. And if you are playing regularly, you must be training too, but if you haven’t been in touch, a training camp can certainly pump up your performance and determination levels. Now with the season, it is definitely the time to start pumping some iron, sweat it out, increase your stamina and also amass some more muscles.

Here are 5 great football drills and exercises that professionals make use of, and you must try them too.

Training for Speed Resistance with the Help of a Parachute

If you wish to build up fast twitch muscles, then running with a speed-resistant-parachute can be the best bet. Now, running parachutes are easily available and are common accessories at football training camps. In fact, they are quite widely used by ordinary guys too who just want to get fit.

These parachutes can add up around 15-30 pounds of wind resistance to the runner, allowing him to produce more force against ground. This exercise builds core muscles and also enhances endurance and all this in just one training drill. They are a great way to improve the strength of the lower body along with enhancing the overall stamina.

Training for Speed Agility along with a Quick Ladder

The peak physical fitness is of no good without proper footwork. Football coaches have been aware of this fact for years and this is the reason why they pull out the old steel ladder in order to teach the young athletes the right way to move. Now, there are several sports goods manufacturers who make and sell ladders just for this purpose so that the players can improve their agility.

Anaerobic Alactic Intervals

When compared to soccer or basketball plays, football plays can be for quite a small duration. This continuous stop and then go dynamic demands a lot of stamina from the players. They have to explore, sustain themselves, cool down, and then repeat it again, which is why football training must replicate all these conditions keeping the alactic energy system in mind. Wind sprints are another easy way to replicate the practical field conditions.

Tire Flip

Calves, quads, forearms, glutes, chest, lower back, hamstrings, traps, shoulders and even triceps – these are the muscle groups that are greatly affected by tire flips. If you flip once, you put in a considerable complete-body rep. So, make sure to keep flipping the tire as this exercise can turn into an endurance method of workout too.

By including these few exercises in your routine, you can surely train yourself like a pro. If you are looking for trusted and result-oriented Football Camps, then you should definitely visit as they know the kind of training that’s ideal for budding players.

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